OtherWise 103

Definitions, Language, and Etiquette

If you are worried about using the "right" language, this is a great place to learn and explore.
OtherWise Glossary: Definitions and Language (next to a word cloud highlighting words like transgender, intersex, two spirit, and OtherWise)


Pre-Requisite: Being Brave Together: A Transfaith Primer (free) frames dialogue expectations for all OtherWise Academy discussion forums.

  • Being Brave Together is strongly recommended as a way to understand our dialogue expectations. However, you can begin the OtherWise 101 series without that 10 minute experience, if you are too eager to wait.

Certificate Program: Transfaith for Allies (free).

  • The Transfaith for Allies introductory course is also a good place to start your journey through the Transfaith for Allies certificate program and provides a different kind of starting point.

Designed for: English-speaking adults, regardless of religious affiliation or professional aspirations.

  • The content may also be appropriate for younger audiences as well.

Hours of Video: TBD

OtherWise Voices: pending

Status: In pre-launch development. Anticipated launch SEPTEMBER 2022.

This course is more than a glossary. It is a guide. We will introduce the "Terms Paradox," talk about pronouns, and explore best practices for language use around sex, gender, and sexuality including insight into cultural, historical, and medical considerations. 

However, we also invite you to reflect on why language matters and how you intend to use it. Too often, we lean into "mastery" and "certainty" rather than understanding or cultural humility. This course will help you to think about what may be happening under the language you choose.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and Instructions

    • Welcome to the OtherWise Learning Community

    • Dialogue Expectations

    • Thinkific Orientation (optional)

  • 2

    It's Complicated

    • Terms and Definitions

    • The Terms Paradox

    • Who Decides? What's at Stake?

    • More Resources

  • 3

    Thinking with Pronouns

    • "Proper" Pronouns and "Preferred" Pronouns

    • Sharing Pronouns

    • They/Them and Neo-Pronouns

    • More Resources

    • Who Decides? What's at Stake?

  • 4

    Thinking with Sex, Gender, and Sexuality Terminology

    • Assigned Gender

    • Sex

    • Gender Identity

    • Gender Expression

    • Sexual Orientation

    • Who Decides? What's at Stake?

  • 5

    Thinking with Cultural Expectations

    • Revisiting OtherWise 102: Intersex, Gender Creative, Transgender, and Non-Binary

    • Queer and Gender Non-Conforming

    • The Difference Between Gender Non-Binary and Gender Non-Conforming

    • Crossdressers

    • Revisiting Gender, Identity, and Culture

    • Who Decides? What's at Stake?

  • 6

    Thinking with Historical Context

    • Medicalization

    • Intersex Variants

    • Trans/Transgender Variants

    • Beyond the Binary Variants

    • Who Decides? What's at Stake?

  • 7

    What's Going on Here?

    • Some More Historical Context

    • Mastery and Control

    • Cultural Humility

    • Courage and Curiosity

    • Etiquette

  • 8


    • Summary: OtherWise 103

    • About the Transfaith for Allies certificate

  • 9

    Next Steps...

    • Before you go...

    • You did it! Here's what's next...

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