A Community to Support Your Learning

Take Risks, Challenge, and Encourage

OtherWise Academy member benefits include several features to support your learning in community, with OtherWise Academy facilitators as well as peer-support.

Being Brave Together

Dialogue Expectations for Learning Together

The OtherWise Academy Learning Community exists so we can take risks, challenge, and encourage one another. We outline our dialogue expectations in the short, free Being Brave Together: A Transfaith Primer course, (about 10 minutes of video) which introduces the basics of the Being Brave Together framework and foundational group agreements for all other OtherWise Academy programming. 

This is a non-sectarian community (which includes people of faith and no faith from diverse traditions and lineage). We have a zero-tolerance policy around preselytizing.

Office Hours and Pronoun Practice

Supportive Risk-Taking

Our office hours and pronoun practice are interactive sessions, facilitated by OtherWise Academy leadership, where we gather as a learning community. These online gatherings are casual, "All Questions Welcome" spaces designed to encourage us in taking risks, making mistakes, and supporting one another in social learning.

One of the things we often hear is how "hard" using new pronouns is. We want to reframe this feeling as "It takes practice to learn new things!" Office hours are an intentional opportunity to learn by doing in supportive community, which allows your brain to adapt

If the conversation doesn't take on a life of its own, we use the OtherWise Voices content to spark dialogue and discussion. When the group is larger, we spend some time in small groups for short conversations so everyone has a chance to be heard.

This is a multi-faith space, so we don't pray together. But we do hold space and hold one another in sacred thought, while offering informal support.

Online Community

Peer Support Anytime, All the time

Members also have access to an online space where we share resources and continue the dialogue. Office hours frequently generate additional ideas and resources, which are also shared in this asynchronous space, which is available anytime. You can also launch your own conversation topic, of course!

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