OtherWise Voices

An Archive of Introductions

This is an ever-expanding resource, compiling "OtherWise Introductions" from within OtherWise Academy courses and beyond, alongside bonus content and related resources for those who have time to explore further.
OtherWise Voices


Pre-Requisite: none

Certificate Program: none (bonus material)

Designed for: English-speaking adults, regardless of religious affiliation or professional aspirations.

Hours of Video: Each video is less than 10 minutes (usually more like 2 minutes), but the archive as a whole is always growing.

OtherWise Voices: See the "Archive Contents" below for an up to date list.

Status: Pre-Launch Beta Testing


  1. Familiarity with diverse OtherWise folk
  2. Provide resources for use in "pronoun practice"
  3. Provide access to OtherWise Introduction "bonus material" for those who want to look further.

This "course" is an archive of video content (with transcripts) that is (usually) used elsewhere in OtherWise Academy coursework. In addition to  compiling those "OtherWise Introductions" in one place, the affiliated "Where To Learn More" pages provide links to additional material for those who want to explore further.

The "OtherWise Introduction" videos are typically two to three minutes long, though we currently have some as long a six minutes. The additional resources may be videos, online articles, or other resources relating to the profile they are connected to.

Archive Contents

OtherWise Introductions

  • 1

    Welcome and Instructions

    • Welcome to the OtherWise Academy!

    • Thinkific Orientation (optional)

    • Table of Contents

  • 2

    Alok Vaid-Menon

    • Alok

    • Where To Learn More: Alok Vaid-Menon

  • 3

    Mx Chris Paige

    • Chris

    • Where To Learn More: Mx Chris Paige

  • 4

    CJ Duron

    • CJ

    • Where To Learn More: CJ Duron

  • 5

    delfin bautista

    • OtherWise Introduction: delfin

    • Where to Learn More: deflin bautista

  • 6

    Kai Clancy

    • Kai

    • Where To Learn More: Kai Clancy

  • 7

    Laverne Cox

    • Laverne

    • Where to Learn More: Laverne Cox

  • 8

    Lianne Simon

    • Lianne

    • Where To Learn More: Lianne Simon

  • 9

    Rev. Louis Mitchell

    • OtherWise Introduction: Louis

    • Where to Learn More: Rev Louis Mitchell

  • 10

    Next Steps...

    • Using and Expanding this Archive