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As a member of the OtherWise Academy's Founder's Circle, you are helping to lay the foundation for this important learning community, in support of transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender creative, gender non-conforming, two spirit, and similarly gender diverse people.

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  • OtherWise Spiritual Care Certificate

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OtherWise Spiritual Care Certificate

Designed for chaplains, spiritual care providers, clergy, and others who engage in direct service to OtherWise communities (transgender, intersex, nonbinary, gender creative, and more)
OtherWise Spiritual Care Certificate

The OtherWise Spiritual Care Certificate is a foundational curriculum to help participants get think proactively about OtherWise issues in spiritual care. Peer-reviewed articles and publications are included along with exercises to help participants integrate knowledge into their own practice.

The five core modules of the curriculum are based on the work and research of Mx Chris Paige:

  • Transgender-Affirming Spiritual Care: An Introduction 
  • Exploring Transgender Spiritual Care across the Lifespan
  • Best Practices and Innovation in Transgender-Affirming Chaplaincy
  • Introduction to Transgender Religiosity, Spirituality, and Resilience-Building
  • OtherWise Intersex: Introduction to Spiritual Care and Intersex Communities

Participants must be OtherWise Academy members to access the OtherWise Spiritual Care Certificate courses. The monthly membership is $25/month and includes access to the OtherWise Academy virtual community to get additional online support. 

Currently discounted to $10/month while the content is being finalized. New price starting July 1, 2023. Lock in your savings now! 

OtherWise Learning Community

Online, asynchronous, ready when you are...
Learning Together!

Office Hours and Pronoun Practice are interactive sessions, facilitated by OtherWise Academy leadership, where we gather as a learning community live and face-to-face on Zoom. These online gatherings are casual, "All Questions Welcome" spaces designed to encourage us in taking risks, making mistakes, and supporting one another in social learning [Learn More]. 

Priority access to new material, additional resources, and bonus content, shaped by our conversations. 

Current Organizational Partners include: Transfaith, Blessed Are the Binary Breakers, OtherWise Engaged Publishing [Learn More]

Founder's Circle

Be the Change! By joining now, you are also helping us cover operating costs during this important time of content development. 

The Founder's Circle is currently priced at $10 per month . This will lock in the reduced rate for subscriber benefits (valued at $25/month).

This is a time-sensitive offer designed to help us cover operating expenses while our faculty and facilitators compile our foundational courses.

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