Transgender-Affirming Spiritual Care

Resource Round-Up

This course offers, audio, visual aids, related resources, and discussion opportunities to keep the conversations going. For the original open access article without enhancements, look for the links below.


Pre-Requisite: Being Brave Together: A Transfaith Primer (free) frames dialogue expectations for all OtherWise Academy discussion forums.

  • Being Brave Together is strongly recommended as a way to understand our dialogue expectations. However, you can begin the OtherWise 101 series without that 10 minute experience, if you are too eager to wait.

Certificate Program: Introduces background for and resources used in the OtherWise Spiritual Care certificate curriculum (forthcoming)

Designed for: English-speaking adults who are interested in issues of spiritual care. Generally a graduate level conversation.

Hours of Video: approximately 1.hour of video in total, with transcripts provided

OtherWise Voices: Mx Chris Paige

OtherWise Scholars referenced:  Austen Hartke, Joy Ladin, Justin Tanis, Max Strassfeld, Reid Vanderburgh, Noach Dzmura, Tarynn Witten, Ruben Hopwood, Mackenzie Reynolds, Sand Chang, lore dickey, Kevin Manders, David Weekley, Melissa Wilcox

Status: Open Access


  1. Become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of existing academic literature around transgender-affirming spiritual care.
  2. Gain easy access to web resources cited in the article
  3. Join the conversation about what has been happening since the article was published

Description: This course includes audio of the author, Chris Paige, reading a peer-reviewed article, titled "Transgender-Affirming Spiritual Care: A Bibliographic Essay." In addition, it includes "Back Story" and "After Life" comments from the author, as well as opportunities to discuss the content and access convenient links to related resources.

As an alternative, the same article in PDF format can be downloaded from the Theological Librarianship website. For more in-depth conversation, please become a member of the OtherWise Academy and explore the OtherWise Spiritual Care certificate program (coming soon!).

Article abstract: Resources in support of transgender-affirming spiritual care have grown in recent years as attention to transgender experience has gained more mainstream attention. This essay explores resources which provide foundations for transgender spiritual care, spiritual care across the transgender lifespan, health care chaplaincy with transgender patients, and considerations around transgender religiosity, spirituality, and resilience-building. Adjacent fields of study and gaps in the literature are noted, but the suggested resources provide a strong foundation and a representative sample of the patchwork state of the scholarly conversation around transgender-affirming spiritual care at this time. While this review is not exhaustive, it does provide a comprehensive introduction to an emergent field which is increasingly in demand from spiritual care providers on the front lines.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome [4 minutes of video]

    • Welcome to the OtherWise Academy!

    • Dialogue Expectations

    • Thinkific Orientation (optional)

  • 2

    The Article, Back Story, and After Life [5.5 minutes of video]

    • The Back Story

    • The Article

    • The After Life

    • Section: Abstract and Author Note

  • 3

    Introduction and Historical Context [5 minutes of video]

    • Section: Introduction and Historical Context

    • Related Resources: Introduction and Historical Context

  • 4

    Foundations for Spiritual Care [10 minutes of video]

    • Section: Foundations for Spiritual Care

    • Related Resources: Foundations for Spiritual Care

  • 5

    Across the Lifespan [4.5 minutes of video]

    • Section: Spiritual Care Across the Lifespan

    • Related Resources: Spiritual Care Across the Lifespan

  • 6

    Health Care Chaplaincy [8 minutes of video]

    • Section: Health Care Chaplaincy

    • Related Resources: Health Care Chaplaincy

  • 7

    Religiosity, Spirituality, and Resilience-Building [9 minutes of video]

    • Section: Religiosity, Spirituality, and Resilience-Building

    • Related Resources: Religiosity, Spirituality, and Resilience-Building

  • 8

    Conclusion [5 minutes of video]

    • Article: Conclusion

    • Related Resources: Conclusion

  • 9

    Continuing the Conversation

    • Continue the Conversation!

    • Religiosity, Spirituality, and Resilience-Building

    • Religiosity and Attitudes toward Transgender folk

    • Biography and Auto-Biography

    • Liturgy, Ceremony, and Ritual

  • 10

    Next Steps...

    • Before you go...

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