Building Your Foundation

with the Transfaith for Allies Certificate

Our four-part Transfaith for Allies certificate includes free, online, self-paced courses with audio, video, and transcript support, designed to help you begin to engage (or re-engage) with questions about gender diversity.
ready to improve your gender iq? Need a safer space to discover, discuss, and develop your own point of view on gender in the 21st century?  Perplexed about pronouns?   Looking for support around how to engage with others?

Transfaith for Allies

Certificate Summary

Designed for Busy People

  • Move at your own pace

  • Multiple modalities to support different learning styles

  • Most video segments are between 2 and 5 minutes long

  • The four parts of the certificate each have roughly 90 minutes of video content

  • Includes natural opportunities to take a break or reflect on what you've experienced

  • You can expect audio and video with transcripts, as well as content warnings around sensitive topics.


  • Accessible

    Designed to provide the basic building blocks you need for engaging with gender diversity in the 21st century.

  • Cross-cultural

    Includes videos with sharing by transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender creative, two spirit, hijra identities--and more!

  • Invitational

    Provides opportunities for you to reflect on your own experience and place in relationship with gender diverse communities

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What People Are Saying...

More fun than reading a book!

Bishop (retired) Peggy Johnson

It is one of the most excellent resources I have ever come across. The website is very intuitive. The variety of video clips and the clarity of the topics far surpasses any book I have ever read. Tell people about this. We’ve got to help with the ignorance problem.

Proud to be a part of this gathering!

Rev. Louis Mitchell

All of us at Transfaith are glad to be collaborating with Mx Chris yet again on the OtherWise Academy! Let's be brave together!

So excited to share these resources!

Chaplain Sharon Burniston

OtherWise 101 opened up some great conversations with my family. I am sharing the OtherWise Academy with a group at my church so we can better support parents with transgender kids!